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THE THESSALONIKI METROPOLITAN SUMMIT Northern Greece’s potential as an inter-regional hub



The endorsement of Greece’s national plan for recovery and resilience by the European Commission, the fact that the country will receive significant financial support from the Next Generation EU funds and of course the anti-covid vaccination programme in process constitute promising pillars for Greece’s prosperity. The country seems to have the potential to sustainably recover from the coronavirus crisis, while it has made progress with regard to the green and digital transition aiming at reforms that support growth.

Northern Greece and the city of Thessaloniki play a pivotal role in the country’s effort for recovery. The proximity of Northern Greece to the Balkans, Turkey and the Black Sea region constitute a significant advantage within this context. Energy, transportation, infrastructure, agribusiness, research and innovation are just some of the sectors in which Northern Greece can pave way to a new, more resilient growth model for Greece and the region.



Χώρος Διεξαγωγής

Electra Palace, Thessaloniki