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One Day IENE Workshop: Electricity Storage and Grid Management for Maximum RES Penetration


One Day IENE Workshop:

Electricity Storage and Grid Management for Maximum RES Penetration

September 28, 2022, Crowne Plaza Athens City Centre, Athens

As interest for greater renewables’ use for power generation is getting stronger across Europe leading to a growing list of applications mainly for new solar and wind projects together with proposals for new electricity storage schemes, the need for expert management at grid and system level is becoming more apparent. Greece is a typical case in point with the mainland interconnected system and the islands’ autonomous systems where the present installed RES capacity of approx. 9.0 GW, excluding large hydro dams (which count for another 3.0 GW) is expected to more than double over the next 5-6 years. Moreover, the high interest for storage systems should be underlined, as approved applications have already reached some 14.3 GW capacity with none installed so far.


The fast-expanding interest for RES in Greece and the bright prospects ahead is evidenced from latest data from the Independent Energy Regulator (RAE), according to which licensed RES installations by the end of 2021 had reached some 95.0 GW. However, and as the Regulator openly admitted during IENE’s annual “Energy & Development 2021” conference last December, “most likely only a small percentage of these projects will actually be implemented in the years ahead”. But even then, we are talking in terms of some 10-12 GW of new RES projects being realised by 2030.

However, the situation with storage is bound to change dramatically, and is likely to affect the general picture of RES installations, as the legal framework gets cleared and the first battery type and pump storage units are expected to get connected to the grid over the next years. Progressively, the withdrawal of the conventional power units with rotating mass of high inertia, due to high RES presence, leads in the strengthening of the role of power electronics for RES and storage systems and innovative protection and control systems in the future grids. For this new power generation environment, which slowly but steadily will come to be dominated by RES and battery storage, providing very useful ancillary services, the need to manage more efficiently the grid with stability, protection, control resiliency and high reliability and quality of power supply with affordable cost, is absolutely necessary. In this context, advanced power electronics and innovative control systems have a vital role to play and could to a large extent determine the success or failure of truly large-scale RES integration and storage into the mainland interconnected electricity system and the autonomous island systems.

In order to examine in depth the new electricity environment which is already developing thanks to greater RES use, the introduction of large-scale electricity storage and the need for advanced energy management systems, IENE is convening a one-day Workshop in Athens on Wednesday, September 28, 2022. The event will be conducted on a hybrid basis with several speakers, and few attendees present at the workshop. Speakers and panelists will come from companies and institutions actively involved in RES, battery and pumped storage, electricity networks and power electronics. Contributions are also expected from the Regulator (RAE) and from the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (DEDDIE) and from the Independent Electricity Transmission Operator (ADMIE).

The Workshop, which will be conducted exclusively in English, will be open to all IENE members and energy professionals involved in this area of work. The detailed Workshop programme is currently under preparation and will be announced in due course.



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Crowne Plaza Athens City Centre, Athens
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