Power Supply & Trading

DEPA Commercial is already active in Power Supply & Trading as part of its strategy to transform into an integrated energy company.

DEPA obtained an electricity supply & trading license from the Regulatory Authority of Greece and participates in the Day Ahead, Intraday and Balancing Markets of the Hellenic Energy Exchange (HEnEx).  At the same time, DEPA has concluded several EFET & ISDA agreements with the most important market participants and carries out transactions between Greece and Italy, Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey and in general in the wider region of Southeast Europe. Thus, DEPA is actively importing and exporting electricity between the Greek Electricity System and its neighboring countries, contributing to the efficient use of the country’s electricity interconnection network, for the ultimate benefit of the Greek economy and consumers.

In order for the company to obtain cross border capacities, DEPA is registered in the Joint Allocation Office (JAO) and Southeast Europe Common Allocation Office (SEECAO).  DEPA participates in yearly, monthly, and daily auctions for the allocation of electricity transmission rights of the European Interconnections. At the same time, it is involved in the secondary market of cross border capacities.

DEPA is also registered on the European Energy Exchange (EEX) to be able to trade power, gas and emissions derivatives and optimize its portfolio.

Finally, following our investments in the CCGT Power Plant of Alexandroupolis as well as Renewable Energy Sources, DEPA is stepping forward towards the commercial management of its production in the developing market of PPAs.