Our People

DEPA Commercial’s personnel consists of executives with high-level education and expertise. 63% of our employees are university graduates and the majority of them hold at least one postgraduate degree.
Our people are the most valuable asset of the Company. Therefore, we constantly invest in them, with targeted training programs, a safe working environment, personal development opportunities, which inspire engagement, loyalty and commitment.
Personnel development is one of DEPA’s strategic priorities. Besides the training policy for its people, which results in a specific training and education plan for each employee every year, the company implements modern personnel advancement tools, such as the Executive Skills Development Centers. In addition, DEPA outlines the key responsibilities and tasks of each job role, making it easier for employees to understand their roles and meet performance standards. Role descriptions are clearly defined and updated, aligned with the Company’s strategic objectives, while the relevant role KPI’s help people share a common understanding of DEPA’s expectations.
The Company has implemented its Code of Conduct and Ethics, which defines the values and principles of its daily operations and records the acceptable behaviors and practices within the organization.
By implementing employee’s opinion survey and the employee of the year award policy, the Company maintains a working environment of trust, cooperation, transparency and mutual understanding, in which people feel creative and motivated to contribute more to the achievement of the Company's vision.
DEPA cares about its people and their families and respects their work-life balance, by providing mental and physical health activities, as well as preventive medicine programs.
It embraces diversity and inclusion and encourages a behavior culture, free of stereotypes and discrimination. It strictly respects the fundamental right of gender equality. It can be noted that 54% of its managerial positions are held by women.
In order to take the necessary measures to prevent and control violence and harassment at work, DEPA has adopted and implemented a strict Policy against such risks and behaviors, providing a direct line with a qualified lawyer as link person.
Its excellent performance in all fields is undoubtedly due to DEPA’s highly motivated people.