Our People

DEPA Commercial’s personnel consists of executives with a high-level of education and expertise. 63% of our employees are university graduates and the majority of them hold at least one postgraduate degree.
Our people are the most valuable asset of the Company. Therefore, we constantly invest in them, with targeted training programs, a safe working environment, personal development and engagement opportunities, loyalty and commitment.
Personnel development is one of DEPA’s strategic priorities.
The Company implements modern personnel advancement tools, such as performance management systems and executive development centers and offers to continuous training programs that enhance the occupational competence, as well as the talents and skills of people, within a frame of training plan, yearly updated.
DEPA Commercial ensures that labor relations are based on meritocracy and transparency, as it prioritizes a working environment of mutual trust, cooperation and understanding. Its ethical high-level standards are set in DEPA’s Code of Professional Ethics, which outlines the core values and principles and describes the Company’s behavior expectations of its employees and third parties’ associates.
The humancentric approach of DEPA Commercial is obvious in all organizational functions of its Group of Companies, that emphasize on team spirit, communication among all levels of hierarchy and a working environment that encourages diversity away from stereotypes and discrimination. It can be noted that 47% of managerial positions are held by women.
Undoubtedly, the Company has been showing increasingly efficient performance in all fields due to its efficient and loyal human capital