Our People

The cornerstone for the achievement of the objectives of DEPA and the promotion of its vision is without doubt its people.

Today the company permanently employs 52 people, all of whom have exceptional academic backgrounds, with proven track records of long term experience and expertise, yet above all with love, faith and devotion to the company’s principles and values. 

45% of the staff is women, while 80% of the Company’s people are university graduates and many of them have at least one postgraduate degree. DEPA, an advocate of the principle that only people can make the difference, constantly upgrades their management systems, i.e. the management system of human resources performance and development, and ensures the appropriate utilization of its people. It creates dynamic and competent working teams, thus assisting the effectiveness of its employees and enhancing their productivity levels. It firmly invests on the professional and personal advancement of its executives, and in the training framework it holds continuous training programs helping their further development of knowledge, talents and skills. It ensures the strengthening of corporate culture, business ethics and transparency and has adopted its own Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Mainly though, the Company ensures that there is a balanced and safe working environment and encourages productive dialogue and cooperation with the personnel, thus attaining a level of mutual good faith and understanding.


DEPA hires its personnel through ASEP (Supreme Council for the Selection of Personnel) under L. 2190/94, as amended and currently in force.

Remuneration – Labour Relations

The remuneration and work terms of the employees adhere to Corporate Collective Employment Agreements while there are two group insurance policies for life, accident and illness for its personnel.

The fundamental principles and rules regulating the labour relations between the Company and the Employees are defined in the Internal Employment Regulations. In any case, the procedures and practices that DEPA follows for the resolution of industrial disputes are motivated by a spirit of meritocracy and transparency, since the maintenance of a working environment of mutual trust remains a priority for the Corporation. 

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