Small Scale LNG

DEPA Commercial systematically invests in the development of innovative technology and independent projects in alternative and cleaner fuels, utilizing its many years of experience in the gas market. These projects target customers in the fields of marine and road transportation, energy production and industrial consumers. Therefore, DEPA Commercial is actively investing in small-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) applications and promising alternative energy sources such as Renewable Energy Sources, Hydrogen and Biomethane. For the implementation of these projects and the coordinated monitoring, DEPA has established the Project Management Office (PMO) as well as the appropriate organizational structure for each project (Project Team) where executives have joined with high specialization and experience.

LNG as a Marine Fuel

DEPA Commercial is committed to building the infrastructure to deploy LNG as a marine fuel in Greece and satisfy the demand for LNG as a compliant and cleaner fuel in the maritime industry. Today, LNG is the safest and technologically proven fuel fulfilling the requirements of the IMO 2020 low Sulphur fuel regulation and is providing the first steps towards the 2030 and 2040 decarbonization targets through its evolution to future blending with bio-LNG and e-LNG, which can use the same LNG supply chain infrastructure of today.

LNG for Off-Grid Customers and On-Road Transportation

Further to LNG in maritime transportation, LNG has and continues to become a largely adopted fuel for the use of energy production and for the on-road transportation sectors. LNG, being the cleaner fuel of today, displaces heavy fuels allowing energy production to be cleaner by lowering emissions in the supply chain along with being more cost effective and affordable for energy producers. With this knowledge, DEPA Commercial has been engaging customers who are off the Greek natural gas network grid, as well as heavy-duty transportation companies that are developing LNG transport fleets.