DEPA Commercial is a founding member of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance (ECH2A) and holds the position of Co-Chair of one of the six roundtables. The Alliance was set up by the European Commission and aims at developing a project pipeline and directing investments in order to facilitate and implement the EU’s hydrogen strategy also via the creation of dedicated “IMPORTANT PROJECTS OF COMMON EUROPEAN INTEREST (IPCEI)”. DEPA Commercial is also a member of the European Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Association (HYDROGEN EUROPE), participating in all major working groups and following closely the developments in the field of hydrogen. The association is based in Brussels and represents more than 300 entities (industrial companies, research organizations and national associations) that are active in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells. DEPA Commercial has created a project which aims at expanding its activities in alternative and cleaner fuels and at becoming a frontrunner when it comes to deploying zero-emission solutions for energy production. This project and its sub-projects include the construction of the first Hydrogen Refueling Station, the Important Project of Common European Interest “White Dragon”, and the production of Biomethane as a cleaner fuel for mobility applications.

Hydrogen Re-Fueling Station

Due to the increasing importance of hydrogen in Europe’s future energy mix, DEPA Commercial has an interest in developing the necessary framework and establishing business cases for hydrogen’s commercialization. Using hydrogen as a fuel in the mobility sector offers various benefits due to its gaseous form and the way it is dispensed (similarities with already existing Refueling Stations/CNG). This project aims at building the first Hydrogen Refueling Station in Greece and will therefore be the vehicle for reaching decisions, regarding the necessary framework, both regulatory and technical.

White Dragon

In the context of the intensifying EU initiatives to promote the use of hydrogen, but also in the context of the planned de-lignification of Western Macedonia, a consortium of all major energy companies in Greece have joined forces, under the coordination of DEPA Commercial, in order to implement White Dragon, a project that will accelerate the transition to Green Energy. The proposal for White Dragon has already been submitted in 2021 to the national and European authorities for evaluation and has the potential to become a “Fast-track” project with multifaceted funding. White Dragon has already been selected by the European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (Hydrogen Europe) as one out of a total 4 lighthouse projects that will be supported and promoted actively due to their contribution in reaching climate goals and in the energy transition of the European Union.


A comprehensive, reliable supply of renewable energy and the ability to produce regenerative fuels such as bio-LNG and bio-CNG are key to decarbonization and energy transition efforts. DEPA Commercial, through the biomethane project, is going to take advantage of greener technologies and will lead the market in the Greek region through the process of upgrading excess quantities of crude bio-gas, it’s conversion into high-purity bio-methane and finally its compression to bio-CNG. This will open new market opportunities on biofuel as well as minimize DEPA Commercial’s environmental impact. DEPA Commercial’s goal is to act as the operator and as a bio-methane producer.