Care For The Environment


Fully aware of the responsibility its leading role in the revitalization of the Greek economy entails, since its establishment DEPA has incorporated Corporate Social Responsibility practices in its overall business strategy.

The voluntary adoption of CSR principles consistently reflects the company’s unwavering ethical commitment to a code of conduct which, along with its growth and development, ensures DEPA‘s positive contribution to the community and the environment.

For DEPA it is self-evident that economic development yields improved results when associated with the community’s welfare and environmental protection. This firm conviction gains greater significance in light of the company’s critical role in the resurgence of the Greek economy.

First and foremost, this strong association of CSR practices with financial growth ensures numerous tangible benefits for the company:

  • transparency and clear-cut operating procedures
  • more effective corporate governance
  • improved work environment
  • enhanced human resources performance

Especially in today’s evolving and increasingly competitive business environment, DEPA’s CSR programs and initiatives create added value and improve its long term prospects, decisively contributing to:

  • the establishment of a comparative advantage, making DEPA more competitive, more resilient and, certainly, more attractive to consumers
  • boosting the company’s value
  • enhancing public trust

As part of its CSR agenda on environmental protection and community welfare, DEPA has launched a multifaceted program including a series of initiatives that focus on:

  • supporting “green” business ventures
  • improving public welfare, especially that of stakeholder communities
  • promoting Greek culture and civilization
  • sponsoring the arts, letters and sciences
  • supporting sports and education
  • respecting human values
  • actively protecting the environment, a fundamental company priority

The development of a comprehensive and systematic CSR program and the further improvement of related practices and procedures fully integrated with the company’s management and operations, as well as with its overall community and environmental protection strategies, is a key priority for DEPA.

An equally significant company objective is to ensure that all CSR related activities yield both tangible and measurable results, which will be appropriately utilized to further improve the company’s performance.

Recognizing that Responsible Corporate Behavior leads to sustainable business success, DEPA remains committed to a corporate strategy that consistently incorporates socially responsible practices.