Contributing to public welfare

As a responsible corporate citizen, DEPA aspires to be a model organization recognized for implementing significant projects and consistently contributing to society as a whole.

Envisioning a better future for the entire Greek society, the company has developed a multifaceted human-centered program focusing on research, science, art, culture, education and sport. In fact, DEPA’s social mission is not limited to these but has a much broader impact.

The company’s role in the economic growth and development of Greece is undisputed. The natural gas transport network alone is one of the largest projects ever implemented nationwide. By creating new energy infrastructures, DEPA links Greece with a source of energy that is cheaper, safer, more efficient and certainly friendlier to the environment. By making Greece a crucial energy hub for Europe, the company advances the country’s international status and attracts new investments and business ventures, thereby creating new employment opportunities. Moreover, it offers new growth prospects to thousands of businesses and light and heavy industrial concerns, while providing obvious benefits to millions of households and consumers.

DEPA’s business activities have not merely altered the country’s energy balance, nor is the company’s contribution to Greek society limited to ensuring better and cheaper fuel and safeguarding, directly or indirectly, thousands of employment positions. Equally significant with the growth-related and financial benefits to society is the fact that, today, millions of consumers -irrespective of social or economic background- consider natural gas an obvious development that has unquestionably contributed to the improvement of their everyday routine and quality of life.

In addition to the above and in line with its commitment to consistent and meaningful social contribution, DEPA supports initiatives that affect the Greek society as a whole, focusing mainly on:

, with an emphasis on the most vulnerable social groups. The company’s objective is to contribute to improving the living conditions and enhancing the quality of life of disadvantaged social groups, whether on its own initiative or through joint efforts.

Science, research and education
, with an emphasis on new technologies. DEPA, a strong supporter of the sustainable development of the market of the future and a staunch advocate of youth, undertakes initiatives related to employment opportunities for students and young scientists and the utilization and advancement of industrial and experimental research in scientific fields of particular interest.

Through similar undertakings, as well as grants and scholarships, DEPA supports artistic, cultural and sports initiatives (the latter through grants and sponsorships of amateur athletic associations and clubs), as well as socially worthy projects.